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At Ease Veterans

During World War II, and the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, the percentage of American soldiers who shot their weapons with the intent to kill steadily rose from just 15% to almost 100%.  In our most recent conflicts, less American soldiers have been killed, but 25% are returning injured; 154,000 veterans are more likely to be homeless each night; and the suicide rate among veterans is 50% higher when compared to the general population. These brave men and women need a listening ear, and they need to know that God’s grace is still with them.

It’s hard to leave home sometimes—trust us, we know. But Villa San Carlos in Port Charlotte, Florida believes it is important to not only stay active in your community, but to also express curiosity about new subjects. This event is the perfect chance to spread your roots and learn new things!

Event Date/Time:
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – 4:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Gulf Cove United Methodist Church
1100 McCall Road
Port Charlotte, FL 33981

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