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Musician, Rebecca Folsom, Proves Why Her Music Is So Liberating

Rebecca Folsom’s music is about liberation. Her songs crack open hearts, inspire hope, and leave listeners with a deeper perspective. Rebecca’s world-class voice traverses a near-four-octave range. KUNC radio describes it as “knock-you-to-your-knees.”

The Daily Camera describes her music as “shining…with lush harmonies,” and Westword Magazine says, “Her songs hit like little earthquakes!” While her range is impressive, it’s the expression in her voice that rivets your attention and stays with you long after the show ends.

Rebecca’s voice pours from an inner source of honest emotion, flowing from lilting tenderness to fully liberated, unbridled release. Her poetic songs open your heart, setting free a vulnerability you didn’t realize was locked away and inviting you to embrace life with all of its joy, sorrow, passion, and love.

She brings both a pure vocal quality reminiscent of old Appalachia and a blues prowess. In case you missed her last year, you can see her performing live at ACMA Listening Room on Saturday, October 27th!

Step outside of our welcoming and comfortable community at Villa San Carlos Apartments in Port Charlotte, Florida for the day! This event is coming to town on Saturday, and it promises to be a wonderful time!

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, October 27, 2018—7:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
ACMA Listening Room @ All Faiths
2756 McGregor Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

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